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Mike Talks About Melissa
  Melissa Talks About Mike

Melissa is one of the most kind hearted people I have ever met. Her positive outlook makes her well loved by family, friends and coworkers. She loves spending time with the children in our family, and they all adore her. Melissa has studied early childhood education which provides her with a strong understanding of children. She also interned in Pre-K classes, where she realized how much she loves being around children and teaching them new things. She’s looking forward to having a child of her own to teach fun and exciting things, and to provide them with all the love and support a mom can give. 

Melissa has endless energy and I just know she will always have fun activities planned everyday for our future child. These include going to the park, children museums, the zoo, plays and swimming in our pool.

Melissa is a very uplifting and supportive wife. She is an amazing cook and loves to bake. She enjoys hosting big holiday dinners and family gatherings. She raises funds for cancer, and regularly donates clothes to the veterans and homeless. She is honest and compassionate, and will be so thankful for the opportunity to one day dedicate her life to being a mom. She has dreamed of being a mother for so long and will be overjoyed when that day comes. 


Mike is truly my best friend. He is hard working and very responsible. His amazing sense of humor makes people gravitate to him. He is so kind and is always willing to help family and friends. Mike unfortunately lost his father at the young age of 18, who he was very close with. This tragedy and tough time in Mike’s life resulted in maturing at a very young age, and to take on a lot of responsibilities for a young teenager. 

Mike always loved sports and grew up playing Baseball and Hockey. Mike always dreamed of coaching his child’s sports team. Mike currently has season tickets for the New York Giants and can not wait for the day in which he is bringing his son or daughter with him to a game. 

Mike is an amazing provider and has been very successful in his career. Mike has always dreamed about getting married, owning a home and having a baby to cherish. Mike looks forward to the day that he will become a father, and have the opportunity to follow in his father’s footsteps. He will be such a caring and involved father. I know our future child will always come first in everything Mike does. Mike looks forward to reading to his child, teaching them how to play sports and instilling the same family values he grew up with. 

Our Home Minimize

We bought a townhouse in a beautiful safe neighborhood in New York. We are about 10 minutes from New Jersey and about 45 minutes from Manhattan. We have a kitchen, dining room, and family room. We have three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Our house has a backyard with a patio and barbecue area. We cannot wait to turn one of the bedrooms into a warm welcoming nursery. 

Our town is very safe and secure. We live in a family oriented neighborhood. We have several parks nearby, and one has a beautiful lake. We have a private community pool and baby pool that we often visit in the Summer. There are plenty of fun family and child activities available in our area. We look forward to raising a child in the home and neighborhood we love. 

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Mike has been very successful in his career and currently works as a Project Manager for one of the largest utilities in the country. Mike has been with the same company for 11 years and has been promoted several times. Mike's career has afforded us the opportunity to buy a house and travel on many beautiful vacations. 

Mike’s job provides us with security and a number of other important things such as great medical benefits, a 401K retirement fund and life insurance. 

Melissa has been working as a Medical Receptionist for the past three years at a primary doctors office. Melissa interacts with a wide variety of patients daily including elderly and people with special needs. Melissa is trusted to train new staff and has many important responsibilities such as authorizing patients insurance for testing and medication.  

Melissa also has a 401K retirement fund through her job. Although Melissa loves her job, she will be a full time stay at home mom when we are lucky enough to one day bring home a baby. 

Our Families Minimize

Mike is very lucky to have his mother living only five minutes away. We get to see her often and enjoy having dinner with her at least once a week. She is very loving and kind hearted. Mike’s sister lives about twenty minutes away and we see her weekly as well. Mike and his sister were always very close and continue to grow closer as the years go on. We all enjoy getting together, and spending quality time and the holidays together. Mike’s mom and sister are ecstatic at the idea of Mike becoming a father, as they know how much this will mean to him. 

Unfortunately, Mike lost his father at the age of 18. However, he left a great impression on him. He got Mike involved in sports at a young age and coached all of Mike’s teams which was great bonding time for them. Mike can not wait to be a father and follow in his footsteps. 

Melissa’s parents live about twenty minutes away from us, so we get to see them often. Melissa’s mom is truly one of her best friends. From when Melissa was younger she bonded with her mom over cooking and baking, which is still one of Melissa’s favorite things to do. Her parents are very excited that we will be adopting a child, and can not wait to become loving grandparents. 

Melissa’s sister lives with her longtime boyfriend, and helps to raise his two young daughters. The girls are like nieces to us and we love taking them bowling, swimming and to amusement parks. Melissa and her sister are best friends and are a strong support system for one another and regularly get together for “sister sister” days.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, we hope where ever your adoption journey takes you find what you want and need. Minimize